we are NOT the “London Academy of Media, Film & T.V.” Although we do understand your confusion as we have recruited many of the experienced tutors from that school and purchased one of their domain names to redirect visitors to our website. We are not connected to them as a company.

So what’s changed?

There are 3 significant changes from the old London Academy to the new Sync Films Academy for students…

Class Size*

The old London Academy permitted up to 8 students per course, we have reduced that number to a maximum of 5 students, this allows for far more focused training and we can ensure that each student fully understands all aspects of topics covered within the course/s.


We operate from a purpose built studios in Central London with soundproofing and light control. All tutor articulation and recording can be done in controlled environments.

Tutor Lead Syllabus

Sync Films Academy working with the tutors (who themselves work in the field when not tutoring) have created some of the most in-depth courses possible that should reflect the real world for those students whom wish to expand their knowledge and their scope of abilities within the industry.

Note regarding Class Sizes above:

Companies wishing to book, are permitted to block book up to a maximum of 6 persons to a single class, this class with be held privately for your company. We will not permit individual students to attend. Please do not request class sizes exceeding 6 persons as we feel this will degrade the level of information that can be taught successfully to all students.

Our Courses

We have negotiated with a number of top award winning professionals, including Bafta (British Academy Awards) and Ifta (Irish Film and Television Awards) nominee directors, writers and technicians, to offer a select number of students the opportunity of training with them at their workplace. Offering Sync Films Academy attendees the rare opportunity to be taught by these top professionals in the environment where they actually: write, direct, light, shoot, edit and lecture. Attendees on these masterclass workshops are strictly limited and therefore likely to oversubscribed so early booking is highly recommended.

Acting for Film Masterclass

Acting for Film Masterclass
2 Day 10.00am - 17.00pm £398
During this intensive two day workshop our tutors, who are all professional actors and directors as well, will take you through a series of exercises designed to improve your technique when acting on film.

Screen Writing Masterclass

Screen Writing Masterclass
3 Day 10.00am - 17.00pm £398
An intensive three-day workshop where, through a series of role play and improvisations, you can practice your interview and audition techniques to create an impact on casting directors.

Film & TV Lighting Masterclass

Film & TV Lighting
1 Day 10.00am - 17.00pm £199
Learn how to shape and control light and how to use shadow to add shape and texture. You will be taught lighting principles for film and television. Get inspired by the magic of film camera and lighting latest techniques.

TV Production Masterclass

TV Production Masterclass
2 Day 10.00am - 17.00pm £398
Master the art and craftsmanship of high end television and film production techniques. Learn the practical hands on essential tricks of the trade for filming, sound and lighting to captivate your audience.

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