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What happens if I need to Talk to someone about my course ?
Please email us.
What happens if I need to email someone about my course ?

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What is the minimum age to attend a course ?
18 years of age, howver if you are under 18 years you will need to be accompained by a Guardian. The Guardian will also do the course for free so no additional chanrge for them to attend.
What is the average age of students attending courses ?
What age was the oldest person who attended a course ?
Do you have to have experience to enrol on a course ?
Do the courses help me if I want to study the same subject at University ?
Do you except overseas students ?
Do you offer Accommodation ?
Can I get a paid job after completing a course ?
Can my company pay for my course fees ?
What companies have come to you for training ?
What happens after I sign up ?
Is the showreel good enough for an agent to use ?
How do I pay for a course ?
Is there disabled access ?
What time do day courses begin and finish ?
What can I wear to my class ?
What happens if I become ill during my course ?
What happens if I become ill before my course start date ?
What happens if I have to go for an audition ?
What happens if I get a job offer ?

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